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PicsArt is an editing app where you can share photos with friends. This app is avaliable for both Iphone and Android. The home screen can be challenging to navigate when first opening the app. This is due to the extensive features for photo editing and sharing. First, we will review the home screen. In the menu bar, on the top, you’ll see in the center it says home. By noticing that you are on the home screen, it will be easier to not get lost. On the right side of the top navigation is the add a friend or following features. You can also add or invite friends. In the center of the page, is your feed. You can see what your friends have posted and also see editing recommendations from the app PicsArt on how to edit a photo.

To start editing your photo, tap on the plus icon on the bottom center of the menu. This will bring up options to begin editing your photo. You can choose from your photos, videos, templates, collages, cameras, drawings, free photos, and color backgrounds. Most of the time you will want to start by choosing a photo from your phone. Once you’ve chosen the image, then you can begin editing. The editing features include tools, effects, beautify, sticker, cutout, text, and add a photo. We will begin by discussing the basic tools.


Tools- Editing Tools

  • Remove- This paid feature makes it possible to remove people and objects from your photo.
  • Stretch- Alter the view of your image with a warp, swirl, squeeze, or inflate.
  • Motion- Make a still object look like it is moving. First, create a cutout of the object and slide right and left to adjust the motion effect.
  • Selection- Choose to edit a specific section of the photo. You can cut, copy, and add effects.
  • Curves-The curve tool allows you to adjust the exposure, light, and tone of the image. You can manually adjust and manipulate different parts of the image. When you drag down the line, it decreases the exposure. The curve line is divided into three sections: the bottom ⅓ adjusts the shadows, the middle 1/3 alters the mid-tones, and the top ⅓ adjusts the highlights.
  • Adjust- This is the main image editing feature where you can adjust the brightness, contrast, clarity, saturation, and much more.
  • Enhance- Increases the brightness and saturation of the image.
  • Tilt Shift- Change the brightness and orientation of the lens. This will create a different center of focus.
  • Perspective- Alter the perspective of the image. This is great to get tall buildings to look straight.
  • Resize- Choose a custom size to adjust the image size. This is great if you need a specific size for a project.
  • Flip/Rotate- Adjust the image rotation by either flipping the image horizontally or vertically.
  • Crop- adjust the size, choose the image ratio, and straighten the image.
  • Free Crop- choose the area to keep in the photo by tapping the brush tool, and then tap the arrow on the top right corner.
  • Shape Crop- Tap on a shape to create a shaped image sticker or image.
  • Dispersion- Create an explosive look to your image by adding this effect to your image.
  • Enhance- Increases the brightness and saturation of the image.